For heating a private house, you can use several heating options, the choice of one or another type depends on the location of the house, climatic conditions and personal preferences of the owner. Now we will look at a few of the most common home heating options that our specialists have repeatedly designed, installed or repaired.


If you need a high-quality heating system, then for its implementation you will not find the best performers than the specialists of Server Service.


The most popular heating system for a private house is a heating boiler + radiators. Such a system is traditional, as it has been actively used for many decades.

A heating boiler for heating a house can be gas, electric, liquid fuel or solid fuel. Also, heating boilers differ in the number of circuits. Single-circuit boilers can provide only heating or only hot water supply, two-circuit boilers can provide both stuff at the same time. So if you do not have hot water, then you need a double-circuit boiler.

Heating radiators can be made of different materials: cast iron, aluminum, steel, etc. Also, they can be classified by type of construction, sectional radiators, tubular or panel radiators, to some extent, convectors can be referred to radiators. In country houses with panoramic windows or in rooms where windows start from the floor, the most optimal solution is to install floor convectors, as conventional batteries would not look very aesthetic.

Design radiators are also a good solution for a country house, but they have a fairly high cost and in Uzbekistan it is rather difficult to find them.


Increasingly popular is heating with the use of alternative energy sources – sun, earth heat, wind or water. In Uzbekistan, this is only beginning to be applied while in Europe these systems have been actively used for many years.

Competent specialists of our company will develop a project for heating a country house using solar energy or earth energy, find the necessary equipment and organize its supply to the territory of Uzbekistan and will install a house heating system.

Most often, such heating systems are only with water, instead of a boiler, plants using natural energy are used, for example, heat pumps or solar collectors. Let us consider various sources of energy and methods of their application.

As a result, you get electric heating, just electricity is produced free of charge by the wind. In Uzbekistan, such a system does not justify itself, since our climate does not have strong winds.Энергия ветра

The wind – for heating can only be used with a wind generator, which converts wind energy into electricity.
The sun – is heating of solar energy in Uzbekistan, which is the best option, since the sun in our country shines almost 300 days a year. Such heating can be organized in two ways:

  • Convert solar energy into electricity and make heating on electricity;
  • To use solar heat for heating the water, it is sometimes possible, on cloudy days, it will be necessary to warm up the water a little by using electric heaters, but in the rest of the time, solar energy will be enough for proper heating of the house.
Энергия солнца
Water – you can use water in different ways, for example, install a mini hydro power plant or a water heat pump that will take heat from the water (even if the water is cold) and transfer it to the house. Энергия воды
The Earth – because of the earth temperature in depth is approximately the same all year round, with the help of a ground heat pump you can take heat from the ground and transfer it to the heat carrier, which then transfers heat to your home. Энергия земли


The specialists of our company Server-Service will help you to design and lay the warm floor in Tashkent or Tashkent region. The warm floor ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the entire area of the room. In addition, the warm floor will be the ideal solution in a house where small children live.

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If the house plans to make supply or extract and input ventilation, it is possible to install water or electric air heaters and to preheat fresh air.

We can not design a heating system for a country house better than our specialists, so if comfort and coziness in your home are important to you. Contact the professionals, contact us.