What are central cooling machines

Central cooling machine is a system consisting of several compressors running in parallel, protection and automation system. Number of compressors in refrigeration unit depends on the amount of refrigeration equipment and total demand of  enterprise for cold supply, but it is necessarily even type.

Tasks of central cooling machines

Холодильный централи в УзбекистанеThe main task of central cooling machine is to supply refrigerant for the most of  company’s refrigeration equipment. Generally, refrigeration units are installed in supermarkets and shopping centers, where many refrigerated cabinets and showcases are set. If the refrigerant level in the refrigeration equipment falls below  allowable norm, this will lead to inefficient operation of compressors and their premature deterioration. Also, an insufficient amount of refrigerant helps to reduce the efficiency of refrigeration equipment, which entails financial losses.

Advantages of central cooling machines

Central cooling machines are autonomous system, they do not require the presence of maintenance personnel. In the event of breakdown of one of the compressors, the remaining compressors will maintain the set temperature in refrigeration units, which allows the enterprise or the store not to stop its activity. Refrigeration units do not make much noise, which allows you not to break comfortable conditions in supermarkets and shopping centers.

In addition to compressor, the compressor center includes manometers, pressure and oil level sensors, microprocessors, an electric board and a liquid receiver.

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