The average for Uzbekistan is about 300 sunny days per year. So the use of solar energy is very cost-effective. In some regions of our republic there are interruptions with the supply of gas and electricity. Therefore, their use as a source of heat is not always possible. The sun shines every day, besides solar energy is free, and therefore more attractive to consumers.

The cost of solar heating equipment is certainly more expensive than conventional gas or electric boilers, but such a system will justify itself in a few years.

Solar energy for heating the house can be used in two ways:

  1. Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy (using solar cells) and subsequent use of received electricity to power of electric boiler or heater.
  2. Use of solar heat to heat the water (using solar collectors), which is further used in the heating system.

In the first case, more than 70% of the solar energy is lost in conversion process. In the second case, losses are less than 30%, so this is the method most often used for heating and hot water supply. We recommend these systems to our customers.

Our company has a huge experience in the field of heating systems. It allows us to implement the most complex projects at the highest level.

Advantages of using the solar heating systems:

  • Low heating costs when operating the system.
  • Independence of city communications
  • The increase in gas and electricity cost which is practically not reflected in the cost of heating. This is a great advantage of solar collectors over other heating systems.
  • Environmentally friendly system that does not harm the environment.
  • Possibility of using one system of solar collectors for both heating and hot water supply.
  • Great Number of sunny days in Uzbekistan.

System disadvantages:

Necessity of using an auxiliary water heater (electric, gas or diesel) for water reheating on cloudy days. Even the best quality solar collector on cloudy days can not provide more than 30-40% of its normal heat output. It should be taken into account that cloudy days are rare in Uzbekistan.

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