Установка газовых котловInstallation of gas boilers. Server Service Company offers the services of design and qualified installation of gas heating equipment.

Gas heating boilers are used in residential houses, cottages, baths, as well as commercial, public and industrial premises. They are so popular due to the following valuable advantages:

  • Powerful
  • Ease of use
  • Economic operation
  • Have the ability to operate continuously for a long time
  • High efficient

If you want to install a gas heating equipment, take into account that the installation must be carried out by professional specialists in accordance with generally accepted norms.

Stages of gas boiler installation:

  • Preparation of the premise and equipment;
  • Connection to water supply system, pipeline, chimney and electricity;
  • Testing and start-up of the equipment.

Server Service Company is engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance of complex equipment. Our masters will carry out the installation of any gas boiler and provide a long-term guarantee for all implemented services.

We also carry out the repair and maintenance of specialized equipment. If you need the replacement of one of the details, we can deliver it from abroad at the price of manufacturer. Just call us!