Вентиляция офисных помещенийQualitative ventilation in office is one of the most important factors for office productive work. Lack of a proper amount of fresh air in the office leads to rapid fatigue, drowsiness and deterioration of general condition of office workers – all this negatively affects their performance. If customers regularly come to your office, poor ventilation can also be the reason for rejecting your products or services.

Ventilation system of office building is a complex engineering system consisting of  ventilation system, competently designed air ducts, valves, filters and many other equipment. To select all that it is better to turn to experienced professionals who knows their business. Before acquiring the equipment it is necessary to compile an engineering design of ventilation system that takes into account all features of your office – without accurate calculation it will simply be impossible to pick up the equipment and calculate its cost.

After engineering calculations, selection and purchase of equipment, it is necessary to find an assembly organization – specialists in ventilation systems, which quickly and qualitatively implement engineering project in life.

Server Service company performs a full range of works on equipping office buildings with ventilation systems – we will develop project of air supply, exhaust or supply and exhaust ventilation system, which, if you wish, can be combined with an air conditioning system (which minimizes energy costs and reduces construction costs); We will select and supply all necessary equipment and additional elements; And we will perform a quick and qualitative installation of office ventilation system.

Estimation of ventilation office system cost in Uzbekistan (both necessary equipment and installation works) can be carried out only if there is a building plan and a ready-made ventilation system project.


Variants of ventilation systems for offices and office buildings (schemes)