Типы тепловых насосовTypes of heat pumps. Heat pumps are devices designed to move heat energy from a source of low-potential energy to a high potential energy. The use of such pumps is actually quite wide. They can be used as a source of heating in private houses, sanatorium-hotel complexes, cafes, etc.

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More about types of heat pumps

So, you probably know that there are several types of heat pumps. Which ones? Let’s start with the most popular classification, which separates all existing pumps according to the principle of operation. There are two main types: a compression heat pump and an absorption one. What is the difference? The fact is that the compression pump works in the presence of electricity, and the absorption pump can work with fuel or waste heat.

Heat pumps are also subdivided by heat source.

1. Geothermal heat pumps serve for underground, groundwater usage. This is a special heating system using the heat of the earth. Geothermal pumps may be:

pumps of closed type. They are subdivided into horizontal, vertical, watered and with direct heat exchange.

Pumps of open type. For the operation of such pumps, water is needed. It circulates through the geothermal pump and returns to the ground. However, such pumps are installed with sufficient amount of clean water.

2. Air heat pumps. Air is used as a heat source.

3. Pumps using secondary heat. For example, the heat of central heating pipeline.

It is quite convenient to have a heat pump. It is compact and almost silent. In addition, it works in automatic mode, its adjustment does not take from you much time. Also you will have the opportunity to switch it from one mode to another, more suitable for season.