Ремонт электрического котла в УзбекистанеDepending on principle of coolant heating, there are several types of electric heating boilers. Thus, THE electric boiler, electrode and induction electric boilers are distinguished. The most widely used THE boiler, which consists of a heat exchanger (a tank with built-in tubular electric heaters (THE), control unit and temperature regulator. Some models also include a circulation pump, expansion tank, safety valve and filters. There are electric single-phase boilers (220 V) and three-phase boilers (380 V). Boilers with a power of more than 12 kW, as a rule, are only three-phase, in this connection they require certain calculations and organization of electrical wiring system at home. Most modern models have protection (automatic boiler shutdown  when water pressure drops below permissible value, emergency temperature sensor, from overheating trigger when temperature of coolant-water exceeds 95°C). In addition, modern electric boilers are equipped with automation, which controls boiler  operation at a given temperature; Performs position control of boiler thermal power;Controls pump operation by commands of a temperature sensor or room thermostat, and also performs many other functions. Electric boilers are environmentally friendly, because the combustion process is not used for heat producing, as a result of which combustion products are released.


The boiler is the main element of modern heating system, designed to produce heat energy for heating and hot water supply of buildings, structures and premises.

Conditionally, all boilers, depending on the type of fuel, can be divided into four types:


Repair of boiler equipment must be carried out exactly at the time specified in  accompanying documentation. Repairs of all equipment and automation of the boiler house must be carried out by trained specialists having special permits for  performance of such works.As practice shows, about 70 percent of all problems occur due to improper operation. In this case, even the most high-end and expensive equipment goes out of operation and most often, this happens unexpectedly. The reason is that people often forget that complex systems need timely maintenance, as well as careful care.In the event of an emergency situation, qualified specialists have to perform urgent repairs of boiler equipment, in event of failure of an electric boiler, it is necessary to immediately contact repair service. Here are some signs that indicate that it’s time to seek help from specialists:


• With reduced efficiency, increased fuel consumption becomes noticeable.
• Electrical boiler wiring of started to heat up.
• Vapor pressure is too low, water stops heating up to required temperature.
• Redness or deformation of any element has occurred.
• Strong noise.
• Temperature of boiler body has become too high.
All attempts to repair by yourself can lead to new defects or breakages, and in some cases to an emergency situation. You can not save on quality adjustment – only a specialist can accurately determine problem site, as well as accurately and qualitatively correct it.It is necessary to understand that during the repair it is necessary to observe the approved safety rules guaranteeing the safety of whole house heating system. With an independent attempt, you can simply not notice the first signs of danger, which can lead to a fire.

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