Refrigeration equipment has a wide range of use. It is necessary for storage and demonstration of perishable products, confectionery products, medicines and also shock freezing of vegetables, poultry and semi-products.

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Services in the field of commercial refrigerators from Server Service Company

We carry out:

  • Design of refrigerating systems for stores and supermarkets;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Installation and connection of refrigeration equipment;
  • Delivery of low temperature equipment from China;
  • Repair of commercial and industrial refrigerators;
  • Preventive maintenance of refrigerated displays, bonnets, refrigeration cabinets.

Refrigeration equipment: designing, installation and repair

  • Construction of refrigerating chambers;
  • Regulation of the working environment;
  • Repair of chillers and compressors;
  • Refrigerators delivery to Tashkent from abroad;
  • Installation of cooling systems on solar energy or exhaust heat and much more.

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