Installing of boiler equipment is a process that requires certain skills, experience and a professional tool. The heat and comfort in your home depends on accuracy of boiler equipment and the quality of boiler installation.

Buying a heating boiler is not a cheap pleasure, since high-quality boiler equipment costs a lot of money and it is clear that many people try to install a heating boiler independently or by non-professionals who will charge a small fee for the installation of heating boiler. But before saving on the installation of the heating boiler, think about whether such “saving” of possible consequences is worth it.

If the installation is incorrect, many problems can arise, such as leakage, insufficient capacity or failure of the boiler at the most inopportune moment. It is worth noting that when installing boiler equipment by non-professionals, the manufacturer has the right to refuse warranty obligations and you will have to repair the equipment at your own expense.

Our company provides installation of boiler equipment of all types, both industrial and domestic.

We recommend you to buy heating boilers in the companies that also install the equipment, it is quite profitable, since you do not share warranty obligations between the store and the service center, and when the boiler goes out of operation you may contact the company where the boiler was purchased and they will produce its repair, regardless of the cause of the boiler equipment failure, production fault or a mistake of installer.

Specialists of our company for many years are engaged in the installation and repair of boiler equipment, have extensive experience and will perform the installation of a boiler of any type.

We provide a guarantee for the installation of equipment installed by our installation team.

Also we can offer you heating boilers Kiturami (premium class) and Navien (economy class) of Korean manufacture and good quality.

If you want to buy heating boiler with installation, then offer to “Server Servis Plyus” company and our specialists will help you with choosing of heating boiler and selecting your object’s capacity, and qualified installers will install heating boiler qualitatively and with optimal price.

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