Businessman, who decided to open his own store or even a supermarket, should first of all think not about the goods that will be sold, but about the place of their storage. A lot of goods offered in stores and supermarkets remain fresh and fit for consumption only for a day. In order to keep food fresh for as long as possible, you need to get refrigeration equipment.

Any store needs showcases for storing meat, fermented milk products, smoked products and everything that can melt. If you can not do without freezing chests and refrigeration cabinets for drinks, who will quench your thirst with warm mineral water?

Installation of commercial refrigeration equipment – how not to overpay?

Of course, it is not enough to purchase all this equipment, it must be installed and installed correctly. An improper, negligently carried out installation of refrigeration equipment can lead to its poor-quality work or even breakdown, which will fly to the businessman in a penny.

Therefore, to install such a complex, expensive and important equipment, it is worth to refer to professionals who are engaged in installation for more than one year. We are – a team of professional installers who will carry out all installation work in the shortest possible time. We will correctly connect all the wires and hoses to the cooling center, securely fix them, so that the entire structure has been mounted as reliably and hermetically as possible.

We will set all necessary functions and modes of the installed refrigeration equipment to ensure its operability. The most important thing is that we are 100% sure of the result of our work and will give you a written guarantee that all equipment installed by us will work fine for the longest period of time. We conduct the installation on conscience, so that you are satisfied with the result, not forgetting about the pleasant details, such as setting up installed equipment, written guarantees of quality and minimum of rubbish and dirt.

You can safely entrust us with the installation of refrigerated cabinets and freezers. Stay assured, our company will not let you down!

You will find here the best commercial refrigeration equipment in Uzbekistan!

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