Steam boilers, or as they are often called steam generators, are used in a variety of industries – one of them is milk industry.

Парогенератор для молочного завода

Steam is used throughout milk processing process: fresh milk is treated with steam for its pasteurization (destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in milk by heating it to a temperature close to the boiling point). After milk separation procedure, resulting cream is placed in a container of prolonged pasteurization (it is necessary for  subsequent production of butter), container is also heated by steam.

In process of cheese making, steam generators are also used – steam is used for milk pasteurization, steam is heated by cheese bunch to accelerate its dehydration. After maturing, cheese goes through washing process and subsequent drying with steam.

But steam at milk factory is used not only for the processing of dairy products – milk industry, like any other food industry, requires exceptional purity and sterility throughout production process. This problem is also helped to solve steam generator – with the help of steam, glass containers for dairy products and metal containers for milk storage are disinfected, steam can be processed clothing for dairy workers, steam can be used for heat treatment of line for production of dairy products.

Парогенератор для сыроварни в Узбекистане

Large milk plants use steam boilers of high capacity (500 or more kilograms of steam per hour) using gas as fuel. On small milk farms and dairies, steam generators of medium capacity (50-250 kg of steam per hour), operating on gas or electricity, are used, depending on availability of certain communications.

Selection of the right steam generator for processing milk is of great importance. It is necessary to take into account not only the necessary amount of steam for each of the processes, but also the steam temperature, its pressure, the moisture content of the steam (for some processes dry steam is necessary, and saturated for others).

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