Check valves belong to the category of protection pipeline fitting designed to shut off operating medium in case of water back flow. This means that gate valve blocks flow of water or gas in case it moves in opposite direction.

Scope of application

Scope of application of check valve is wide. It is installed on pipeline through wich  water, gas, oil products and chemical fluids are circulated. Check vlave is also often used in household pipeline systems:

  • water supply and sewage systems;
  • gas or electric heater;
  • pump equipment;
  • heat supply station.

Check threaded valves can be installed both in horizontal and vertical posisition. However, in some cases they are mounted in a certain distance. This allows to prevent emergency. Here how it works: valve is closed and backflow is shutted off.

Operating principle

Design of check valve is quite simple. It consists of case (steel or cast iron) and spring.

Check valve provides only the opening in “right” direction. When dropping pressure, check valve is shutted off and doesn;t allow water or gas to move in opposite direction.

Depending on the feature design, velves are divided into:

  • rotor valve;
  • lifting valve;
  • ball valve;
  • butterfly valve;
  • mesh valve.

Our specialists will help you to select a suitable model in accordance with generally accepted rules. In this case you will avoid malfunctions during operation and premature failure of the equipment.

Main difference of interflanged valve from flanged valve is that the first ones don’t have fasteners.


Our catalogue presents different models of check interflanged valves. Here are main advantages of products offered by our company:

  • compact size;
  • reliability;
  • automatic on/off;
  • capability to work in emergency conditions;
  • operation with different working mediums;
  • installation an any position;
  • simple design;
  • repairability;
  • no need maintenance service.

We offer chack interflanged valves of the following types: DN 40, DN 50, DN 65, DN 80, DN 100, DN 125 DN 150.

If you can’t choose a suitable check valve, contact us and we will help to make a right choice!

You can also buy from us any gate valve – balance valve, butterfly valve, interflanged valve etc.

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