Repair of Thermona heating boilers

Czech boilers from Thermona manufacturer have found the respect of buyers in more than twenty large countries around the world. Boilers produced at the factory of this company are 100% tested for all quality characteristics. In addition, every six months, the existing certificate of product quality is re-confirmed.

Thermona conducts its activities in the development of electric, gas, fuel boilers floor, wall and condensation types. In addition to the boilers that provide space heating, Thermona produces boilers that can fulfill the tasks of heating water, have hot water tanks in the building, or those that can be connected to similar tanks if necessary.

All boilers are automated to the limit, which means that they can not be managed even for an inexperienced user. Also, when choosing a boiler from the assortment of this brand, you can always consider a large range of capacities, approximate efficiency and eco-compatability. By the way, according to statistics, the most environmentally friendly and efficient boilers are condensing types.

Electric boilers of this brand can be switched on, off and change the heating modes, being guided by the thermostat readings. Also, they are equipped with a large number of various fuses and sensors, which ensures the highest possible safety of operation.

If you buy a boiler from Thermona company, then you will never have problems in your home with poor-quality municipal heating and hot water.

Of course, such kind of boiler, as well as its maintenance, as well as possible repair procedures, will require certain expenses from you. However, experience shows that the maintenance of Thermona boilers costs their owners much cheaper than paying for hot water and heating. Thermona boilers rarely break down, their service is reduced for two preventive examinations per year. However, it is worth remembering that these two inspections should be done in a timely manner. Also, do not forget about the need for high-quality installation. Good installation depends on speed of complete wear and tear of this or that detail.

“Server-Servis” is a quality installation, maintenance and repair of Thermona boiler in Tashkent and its region. Also, we repair and conduct the installation of heating boilers of all brands and models that exist today.

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