Ремонт водонагревателейIt’s not uncomfortable to live without hot water, it is impossible. It’s so nice to soak up in hot bathtub. Dishes are much more comfortable to wash in warm water. Server Service company is glad to provide you professional repair of all types and models of water heaters! We repair electric and gas water heaters, both storage type and flow type. Repair of water heaters is made at customer’s home, what saves your time and you will not worry about the safety of your equipment.

When registering an application for repair of a water heater, you must specify the following data:

  • model of your water heater;
  • type of water heater failure (does not heat water, flows, etc.);
  • leave us contact information and a convenient time for you to visit a specialist.

The exact model and the serial number of the water heater are indicated on warranty card, service certificate or on service label. Service stickers are usually located on  back or bottom walls of the water heater.

Repair of water heaters is entrusted to Server-Service by those who love comfort, knows how to value time and knows what saving is.

Server Service – fix any water heater! And this water heater will serve you faithfully. Repair of water heaters by Server Service specialists will give your house warmth. Well, warm water is for sure!