Types and materials for production of flexible ducts

Flexible ducts distinguished by light weight, wide scope of application and high level of reliability, differ by type and material they are made of.       

Types of flexible ducts

  • insulated. Nonflammable polyether material (thickness is not more than 25 mm) is used as insulation. Duct hose is made of aluminum foil or metallized polyether about 100 µm thick. The diameter of multilayer air ducts characterized by high thermal and sound insulation varies from 10 to 35cm.
  • noninsulated. Such ventilation ducts are made of one-piece aluminum foil, metallized, PVC, polyurethane. This type of ventilation ducts is a budget choice, so they are more popular. 

Noninsulated flexible ducts are ideal for household ventilation.

Flexible ducts are divided into:

  • frame. Frame is made of wire or plastic, on which the foil, PVC, polyether are wound.
  • frameless ducts have such advantages as flexibility, light weight, affordable price.

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Types and materials for production of flexible ducts

Materials for production of flexible ducts

  • Aluminum duct is the most popular type among flexible ducts. They are durable, elastic and sealed. The other advantages are resistance to corrosion, ease of transportation and installation.
  • Metalized polyester strap. Usually several layers of such straps are used for production of ventilation ducts. Flexible ducts made of this material are fire safety, environmental friendly and don’t accumulate static electricity.
  • PVC is also one of the most popular type of material used for production of flexible ducts. They are resistant to corrosion, environmental friendly and withstand high temperature.
  • Polyurethane. Air ducts made of this material are flexible, durable, fire safety, resistant to corrosion and deterioration. They also don’t accumulate static electricity.
  • Polyester. These air ducts are installed in public catering establishments and industrial facilities. Main advantages – noiseless operation, resistance to high humidity, durability. Flexible ducts made of polyester can be of different color, so they can be used as decoration of interior.

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