CA system repair. CA system, compared to storage in ordinary air environment, better preserves fruit quality, green color persists longer, hydrolytic decay processes of protopectin are slowed down (fruits last longer, remain solid). CO2 and oxygen also affect the biosynthesis of ethylene in fruits and its biological effect on maturation processes.

To solve these problems, refrigerating cameras with CA systems (controlled gas atmosphere) are most often used.Storage cells in CA systems should provide increased gas tightness, which is achieved by the use of special materials for construction and processing of surface of the cameras and the installation of sealed doors of a special design.

In controlled atmosphere, the quality of fruit is better preserved, their hardness, color, freshness, acidity, shrinkage decreases, the probability of sunburn is partially or completely eliminated, the shelf life considerably increases.

At present, the task is not only to grow the crop, but also to preserve it. And new technologies will help in achieving this goal.

Table for storage of different products with CA system

Products In ususal cold storage In CA system
Apples (Goldem, Delicious) 5 months 8 months
Pears (Williams) 2 months 5 months
Grapes 3 months 6 months
Peaches 5 weeks 10 weeks
Cherry 10 days 32 days
Black currant 7 days 42 days
Strtawberry 5 days 30 days

Our specialists carry out a full range of works on calculation, design, construction and installation of long-term storage rooms for fruits and vegetables in a regulated gas environment.