Maintenance of chiller and fan coil. Chillers and fan coils are used for providing of comfortable microclimate in offices, country cottages and enterprises. They are able to create the optimal temperature condition in the premises of any purpose.

Chillers and fan coils are the main elements of all modern conditioning systems. It is noteworthy that water, cooling liquid or glycol are used instead of Freon (heat carrier).

Chiller is used for cooling or heating of refrigerant, then it is supplied to fancoils through the pipelines.

Fan coil units are heat exchangers with fans. They take away heat or cold from heat carrier for the further heating or cooling of the premise.

Chiller-fan coil unit perfectly suits for installation in the premises with a large number of rooms. It is worth noting that it is possible both to set general heating condition and maintain different temperature in each room.

Maintenance of chiller and fancoil

Complex industrial equipment need a regular maintenance and diagnostics. Implementation of these regulations will help you to determine the cause of malfunction, eliminate it in time and improve the life ratio of your equipment. That’s why it is necessary to carry out the regular maintenance of chiller and fancoil.

Specialists of “Server Service” Company carry out the design, installation, maintenance, repair of chillers and fan coils of any complexity. Official guarantee is provided for all implemented services!

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