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Our company is engaged in the designing, delivery and innovation of climate control systems. We carry out the ventilation, conditioning, heating and humidification of the air. Air humidification is a very important element in many fields of industry. Server Service offers their services of designing of air humidification industrial systems. We also carry out the repair and maintenance of this equipment. If you need a humidifying system for your object, “Server Service” Company will develop the design from the beginning to the end.

Where is the air humidification used?

There is a list of main sphere of activities where the industrial humidification is used.

Printing industry

Air humidification plays a great role in the printing industry. It is known that the paper has the certain level of humidification. If the air too dry, the paper gives the humidity to the air. When drying, the paper is reduced in size by several centimeters. In order to avoid it, it is necessary constantly to adjust the machine to the size of paper. In addition, when the paper goes through the machine, there is an electrical charge formation that can cause the steam combustion. Therefore, it is very important to keep up to certain humidifying air parameters.

Woodworking industry

When working with the wood, the level of humidification plays an important role. When the wood dries, giving off the air not moistened air, it begins to deform and there are micro cracks on this wood. Of course, nobody will want to buy the furniture from such wood.


Storage of work of arts and archeological finds require not only delicate handling but certain air parameters. In this case the humidity has the primary importance. The wood, parchment paper in the condition of air humidity become too fragile.

Warehouses for food products

When storing food products in the warehouse regardless of their type, they begin to dry. In order to save marketable condition and food quality, it is necessary to maintain humidity air parameters. That’s why most refrigeration storages for food products are equipped with air humidity systems.

Administrative buildings and offices

Humidity level affects the capability for work of employees. It is always better to work in comfortable conditions. Besides, the furniture, carpet coatings and other interior features deteriorate much faster in dry air. Air humidifiers allow extending the lifespan of your furniture, improve well-being of clients and employees, as well as reduce the level of dust in the premise.

Our services

Our company will carry out the services of calculation of humidity system, equipment delivery from China and Europe for industrial objects. We also provide the services of the installation, repair and maintenance of the equipment for industrial air humidity in Uzbekistan.

Types of air humidification

Air humidification is carried out by the spraying of small drops of water in the air. There are several types of air humidity industrial systems:

  • Industrial humidification of high pressure has high efficiency but doesn’t consume a lot of electric energy consumption. Such humidifiers use in the premises with large area: cold stores, warehouses, production shops etc. Their efficiency is from 50 to 3000 liters of water per hour.
  • Humidification systems of low pressure are used in small premises, such as printing rooms, small refrigerating chambers, laboratories etc. Such humidifiers can spray from 3 to 50 liters water per hour.
  • Ultrasonic air humidification provides the smallest size of water drops when spraying. They are widely used in the shops, offices and other administrative buildings. Their efficiency is 3-50 liters of water per hour.
  • Systems of air humidification of drum type are used for humidification of small premises or apartments. They are also can be built in the ventilation system. Such system differs by low noise level and ideal for humidification of “clean rooms”.

Industrial humidification is one of the most important conditions for storing of large quantity of products. If you need a high quality air humidification, contact our company.

For calculation and selection of air humidifiers it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire. For more information call us by telephone numbers listed in the section “Contacts”. We will select for you the necessary equipment in accordance with your requirements, wishes and financial possibilities.

Our company provides the delivery, installation and repair of industrial humidifiers in Uzbekistan.