fankoylyFan coil unit is an internal unit, the main function of which is cooling or heating of the air.

Operating principle of fan coil unit is similar to indoor unit of split system. There is a difference between fan coil unit and indoor unit of split system: harmful freon is used as coolant in air conditioners while in chiller-fan coil system this function is performed by water.

Basic components of fan coil unit are radiator and fan which blow the air through the heat exchanger and improve heat transfer of air filters and electronics.

There are two types of fan coil units: two- and four-pipes.

  • two-pipe fan coil unit. Cold water in summer or hot water in winter goes through the first pipe and returns through the second pipe.
  • four-pipe fan coil unit. The first two pipes are used for cold water transfer, the second two pipes are used for hot water (supplied from boiler room). Fan coil units can be simulteneously used both for cooling and heating of the room.

The main disadvantage of fan coil unit is fan’s noise.

Installation of fan coil units

Installation of fan coil unit is tome-taking process that must be implemented by highly qualified specialists.

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Fan coil installation phases:

  • installation of fan coil unit;
  • fan coil connection;
  • connection to pipeline system;
  • pipeline thermal insulation;
  • connection of fan coil drain system;
  • connection of fan coil unit to electric network;
  • system sealant;
  • water supply to the system and air tightness check.

If all installation works are implemented by experienced specilaists, fan coil units will serve you for a long time.

It is necessary to make calculations before installation in order to provide high efficient operation.

When making project development, it is necessary to calculate necessary capacity of each fan coil unit, water supply pipeline system, select a suitable place of installation.

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