Монтаж чиллера в Ташкенте

Chillers installation. Chiller is the equipment that is used for cooling or heating of industrial enterprises. It is usually installed with fancoil. Chiller’s operating principle is similar to usual air conditioner.

Chiller is a heat pump, which takes the energy from the heat carrier and removes it from the system.


Chiller’s properties

One of the main properties of climatic installations is that the water but not Freon is used as energy carrier. They can be installed on the roof of the building. Fan coil units are used for heating or cooling of the rooms.

There are two types of chillers: steam compression and absorption chillers. They, in turn, are divided into subtypes. Main parts of this device are compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal regulating valve, control system.

Power capacity of modern chillers is more than 5000 Kw. It allows to select the suitable model depending on the area of the premise and its purpose.

In order to carry out a high quality chiller installation, it is necessary to have special tools and measurement devices. That’s why it is important to use the services only high qualified masters who have a great experience and special knowledge.

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Facts about chillers
Facts about chillers

It is interesting!

  • Initially conditioning system was developed in Persia. For this purpose, mines with spring wells were used;
  • Expression «air conditioner» appeared in 1815;
  • The first climatic installations were used in printing offices to prevent a high air humidification;
  • Japanese made a great input into innovative developments in the field of conditioning system. Thanks to them, the refrigeration equipment began to use not only for cooling but also for heating of the premises;
  • The first split-system was developed by Toshiba Company. The first multi split-system was developed by Daikin Company;
  • Multi split air conditioning (VRV) systems are used instead of usual centralized conditioning systems in Japan;
  • Installation of one unit of industrial equipment can take from several hours to several days;
  • Weight of some chillers is about 15 tones.
Classification and differences of chillers
Chillers are divided into several types and subtypes. So, there are the following refrigerating machines:

  • absorption and steam compression;
  • outdoor and indoor installation;
  • air and water cooling;
  • with remote and built-in hydromodulus.

These compressors can be  pyston-type, rotatioanl, spiral, screw, as well as axial and centrifugal fans.

Classification and differences of chillers:
Advantages and disadvantsges of chillers
Advantages and disadvantages of chillers

Chiller’s advantages:

  • reliability;
  • modularity;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to maintain a different temperature in different rooms.


  • time-taking installation;
  • exacting requirements to the quality of maintenence;
  • it is necessary to use with air-conditioning systems;
  • high price.

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