“Protherm” electric heating boilers were developed and manufactured by “Protherm” company more than two decades ago. Today, this company produces a lot of electric boilers of various sizes. For example, “Skat” model will give its owner the opportunity to mount it almost anywhere. This is possible due to its small size. All models of boilers produced by this company are equipped with starting elements. These start-up elements help to ensure that the noise produced by the boiler during operation is minimized. In addition, the design of the boilers is designed in a way that during their installation it does not require any postings, for example – gas. This feature allows not only to speed up and simplify the editing processes as much as possible, but also provides an opportunity to save money. Also, using these boilers, you do not have to worry about the chimney, and besides, you do not need to provide room for the boiler room. From all above it follows that boilers from “Protherm” company, is not only the quality, but also the maximum reduction of costs associated with installation and operation. In addition, “Protherm” produces boilers of different power, from 6 to 28 watts. You can choose what is most preferable to you by yourself, depending on the area that should be heated.

Repair of «Protherm» electric boiler

Of course, from time to time, repairs are required even for such a comfortable model. To avoid unnecessary costs, you need to timely perform the maintenance of your Protherm, as well as, if necessary, immediately eliminate minor breakages, in order to avoid more significant, and therefore expensive types.

Breakages can occur in the area of electrical contacts and threaded connections. Also, the integrity of the tank may be impaired. Such a breakage usually occurs as a result of improper installation. In any case, you can only trust your electric boiler to a specialist.

“Server-Servis” company performs for today:

  • Boilers installation
  • Dismantling of boilers
  • And of course – repair of electric heating boilers Protherm in Tashkent!

Also, we install, dismantle and repair boilers of all existing brands and modifications.

All works, which are carried out by our masters, are provided with the longest-term quality guarantee. The same applies to all parts that we replace. We care about your convenience, therefore, our company provides for the departure of the master, as well as free diagnostics of your boiler’s failure, in case of repair is carried out.


Repair of boilers of other manufacturers: