Repair of chillers and fancoils is one of the most popular services provided by “Server Service” Company. “Chiller-fancoil” system is necessary for providing of comfortable microclimate in large enterprises, multi storey buildings and multi-apartment residential complexes.

Common causes of the system malfunction

  • Wrong place for equipment installation;
  • Incorrect installation;
  • Natural wear of details;
  • Violation of rules during the operation;
  • Untimely maintenance;

There are also other causes of malfunctions: low quality tightness, high level of liquid in the system.

Repair of chillers and fancoils

Diagnostics and repair are carried out at the customer’s house. In order to carry out a high quality repair, the masters must have not only special knowledge and skills abut also special tools.

Specialists of “Server Service” Company have all necessary tools and equipment for elimination of any malfunctions. We repair any types of chillers with water and air cooling, compact reverse models, systems with screw and spiral compressors, as well as absorption chillers heated by means of steam, hot water and gas.



All services are carried out in accordance with technical rules and regulations. In addition, repair of chillers and fan coils is provided by warranty certificate.

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