Modern household gas boilers have many advantages: economical operation, system of automatic operation, as well as they are safety and reliable.

There are also disadvantages of these boilers: during the gas combustion, there are not only heat energy but also harmful gases accumulation on the boiler, which are exhausted from the boiler with the help of metalic air duct. The other disadvantage is that these gases are hot and air duct is heated up to 140-160°С. In summer, when the boiler is used for hot water supply, the air duct will increase the temperature in attached premise. During the gas combustion, the moisture goes to air air duct. When the air duct is rusty, it will need change.

Household boilers of condensation type don’t have mentioned above disadvantages. Such boilers have additional heat exchanger, which transfer the rest of heat to heated water. The temperature of this gas is 70-80°С. Due to low temperature of exhaust gas, it is possible to use metallic chimney (they have long service life and low price).

Condensation boilers allow to save in average  15-30%  of fuel (depending on model of the boiler) in comparison with similar boilers of traditional type. Low fuel consumption and stainless plastic chimney are only one of the advantages of household condensation boilers. The other advantages of these boilers are the absence of harmful substances emission and more rapid water heating.

The cost of condensation boilers is on the average by 20-30% more expensive than their analogues. Payoff period of condensation boiler depends on different factors: area of heated premises, water consumption in hot water supply system, temperature condition and of course, the gas price.

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