Household heating boilers are convenient and reliable devices. They are used for heating of your house, apartment or office at any time of season. You will not depend on the system of central heating.

Heating boiler allows not only to turn on/off the heating systems but also control the temperature of heating systems in your house. So, you can increase or reduce the temperature of water heating at any time (you must push the button or turn the boiler handle).

There are many models of household heating boilers: the most popular of them are gas heating boilers. Thanks to low price of gas and its centralized supply, it more profitable to use heatig boiler than centralized heating system. Electric heating boilers are used not so often, as the electricity costs much more than gas.

There are also diesel and solid-fuel household heating boilers but they are not so popular as mentioned above heating boilers.

Almost all modern boilers have double-pressure operational concept – they heat water not only for heating systems but also for hot water supply. This scheme has several advantages: you will not have to pay for hot water; water heated by a domestic heating boiler has a high quality, it doesn’t contain chlorine and other chemicals in comparison with water supplied from central heating system. You can also control the temperature of hot water.

The other type of heating boilers is condensation boiler which allows to use almost 100% gas heat. These boilers can also use the heat that contains in exhaust gases of the boiler: 2-4 boilers can be installed in cascade boiler system for more high efficiency (in autumn or spring season you can turn several boilers that significantly increases the range of heating capacity).

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