Server Service Company carries out the installation works for floor and ceiling climatic equipment. We also carry out the equipment selection, individual design of conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as electrical installation and pre-commisioning activities of all types and brands of floor and ceiling air conditioners.

One of the main activities of Server Service Company is a wide range of services in the field of air conditioning systems: installation, connection, repair, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

Our company offers you:

  • flexible pricing policy
  • individual selection of the models of climatic equipment and installation methods
  • wide range of services
  • any form of payment (cash and non-cash payment)

Установка напольно-потолочных кондиционеровFloor and ceiling air conditioners are the type of semi-industrial split systems. This type of air conditioner can be installed under the ceiling or on the floor. The thickness of the device is 15-25 sm., the capacity is from 4 to 15 kW.

If air conditioner is located below, the air flow is directed upwards. Regardless of the direction, the air is equally distributed throughout the room.

Modern and advanced models of air conditioners distribute the air in several directions. Such air conditioners can be installed in the premises with the area of 80 m2 and the heqight of the ceiling – up to 3 metres. Floor and ceiling air conditioner can operate at outdoor temperature from +50 to + 70.  If electric heater is connected to this device, it will automatically turn on at the temperature reduction. By the way, this method is possible for all air conditioners of this type.

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