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The main purpose of air conditioner is the creation of comfortable conditions in any premises. Air conditioner is a multifunctional system. It performs the functions of heat and cols, filtration and ionization.

Server Service Company is glad to offer you the services for maintenance of channel air conditioners of any types and brands at low price and with a guarantee of quality. Maintenance of channel air conditioner improves its status and extends its service life.

Advantages of channel air conditioners: hidden installation of indoor unit, noiseless operation, supply of fresh air, equal distribution of air flow.

Filter cleaning of indoor unit is the only service which can be implemented independently. The other services are recommended to carry out at least two times a year. If you bypass timely maintenance of channel air conditioner, its efficiency will be reduced.

This is due to the fact that dust is a perfect heat insulator that prevents heat transfer, consequently, the premise is cooled worse. Air filter clogging reduces the air flow, passing through the air conditioner. Later freon leak occurs that requires periodical pressure control in the system and refrigerating filling.

Maintenance of column air conditioners requires stable operation of climatic system during the whole period of its operation. So, you will avoid such services as the replacement or general repair of the whole air conditioning system.

Prices for air conditioner maintenance

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