Обслуживание колонных кондиционеровServer Service Company provides preventive maintenance of column air conditioners in Uzbekistan, with the guarantee of quality at any time and place convenient for you. Timely maintenance of column air conditioner extends its service life and quality of operation.

Maintenance of column air conditioners includes the following services: change of chilled liquid, regular inspection of separate mechanisms of the system. Specialists of Server Service Company provide a full range of services in a professional level. We have all necessary tools and equipment, so perform our services in a high quality and in a short time.

Indoor unit of column air conditioners in comparison with split-systems is made in the shape of column. These conditioning systems have compressor that allows to heat or cool air in the premise to the required level.

Built-in microprocessor automatically sets the optimal speed of air flow depending on temperature change in the premise. The indicator lights on the display of column air conditioner when filter needs cleaning. It means that it is time to carry out the maintenance.

Column air conditioners have a high capacity. That’s why, they need air filter cleaning every 300 hours. When cleaning this type of air conditioner, don’t use cleaning agents, containing acid, solvents. Make use of services of the specialists of our company.

Depending on the quantity of column air conditioners and individual conditions, we provide both discount and accept the change of standard schemes of air conditioners maintenance.

Experienced specialists of Server Service Company will carry out high quality maintenance of air conditioners at affordable price.