Maintenance of combined boiler equipment

Combined boilers can simulteneously run on several types of fuel (electricity, gas/diesel, solid fuel) that provides a high reliability of the system, operation independence (in case of gas or electricity absence, it can run on other types of the fuel).

Boilers of this type have two separate combustion chambers – for solid and liquid/flued fuel. The presence of two separate chambers allows using several types of fuel simulteneosly. In addition, combined boilers have built-in electric heating tube. Thus, combined boilers run on all types of the fuel: natural gas, diesel, coal, wood, pellets, electricity.

Maintenance of combined boiler equipment is necessary for its reliable operation during long period of operation. It is necessary to carry out the regular maintenance of boilers to maintain good technical condition. It is necessary to avoid the premature malfunctions of boiler equipment and carry out the repair works if it is necessary.

Specialists of Server Service Company provide high quality maintenance of your combined boiler equipment. All the boilers, including double-pressure boilers need periodical inspection according to the rules of their technical operation.

Our company recommends to carry out the maintenance of your boiler equipment at least once a year, before heating season.

Annual maintenance of the boiler equipment includes:

  1. boiler cleaning
  2. burner cleaning
  3. check of expansion tanks of heating and water supply systems
  4. check of pumps, servo drives, valves, critical sensors status
  5. test of automatics
  6. check and adjustment of combustion
  7. check of pipelines connection
  8. leak check of gas pipelines (in boiler room)

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