Maintenance of double-pressure boiler equipment

Double-pressure (hot water boilers) are one of the most popular types of heating equipment for country cottage (about 70% of sale). Their design has two circuits: the first circuit is responsible for heating and the second one for the heating of flow water. Main advantages of hot water boilers are low price and internal boiler.

Maintenance of double-pressure boilers is carried out twice a year. Irregular cleaning leads to boiler equipment pollution, and consequently functional loss.

In order to clear the first and second circuits of the boiler equipment from scale and corrosion, special cleansing agents are used. Specialists of Server Service Company will give you all necessary information about the cleaning of double-pressure heat exchanger of one or other manufacturer. We don’t recommend to carry out the cleaning of boiler equipment independently,as the internal surface of the equipment can be damaged. The most popular types of boilers cleaning are chemical and mechanical. The most optimal and efficient method is the chemical method. Mechanical method is used in case of high contamination of equipment.

Miantenance includes the annual inspection of all equipment in the boiler room:

  1. Boiler cleaning
  2. Burner cleaning
  3. Hot water boiler cleaning
  4. Check of inspection tanks of heating and water supply systems
  5. Check of pumps, servo drives, valves and critical sensors
  6. Test of automatics
  7. Check and setting-up of the combustion
  8. Check of tighteness of pipes connection
  9. Check of gas pipes tighteness (in boiler room) and fuel pipe.

Manufacturers of this equipment don’t recommend to carry out the descaling independently. It is better if this operation will be implemented by experience dspecialists. Only in this case, you will get the guarantee that the cleaning of double-pressure heat exchanger will be implemented in accordance with all requirements.

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