Server Service Company provides the guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of any models of floor and ceiling air conditioners. Our company is also ready to carry out the maintenance of floor and ceiling air conditioners, installed by other companies.

Service center Server Service carries out special diagnostics , maintenance service, repair ans the setting-up of your climatic equipment. The precense of all necessary consumable materials and spare parts allows our masters to carry out all necessary works in a relatively a short time. Maintenance service of floor and ceiling air conditioners includes the complete diagnostics of ventilation and conditioning systems, as well as malfunction elimination.

Напольно-потолочный кондиционер InventorFloor and ceiling air conditioners are necessary when there is a lack of capacities of wall split system, and the installation of cassette air conditioners are impossible because o abcense of hung ceiling. Floor and ceiling air conditioners are designed for the installation in the premises of small area. Such types of air conditioners have a rectangular shape of a thickness up to 20-25 sm. and resemble heating radiators. It is worth to note that incorrect or low quality maintenance can lead to degraded air conditioner performance, and consequently to different malfunctions, such as functional loss of te compressor. Maintenance of floor and ceiling air conditioners must be implemented by the company with all necessary certificates and great experience. If you are looking for such a company – Server Service is the best choise.