Channel fan coil Inventor Inventor IFC-306WAS-R

Channel fan coil units are one of the type of fan coils of hidden installation. They are usually installed behind hung ceiling or in the walls. The main feature if channel fan coils are that they can be conncted to air ducts of ventilation systems.

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Model IFC-306WAS-R
Max (CFM) 1800
Medium (CFM) 1235
Min (CFM) 674
Internal static pressure (Pa) 30
Cooling (kW) 16.0
Heating (kW) 24.8
Type (V) 220V
Consumption (W) 535
Water consumption (m3 /h) 2.66
Pressure drop (kPa) 37.5
Sound presusre level(dB (А)) 62
Water inlet/ outlet (inch) 3/4
Condensate (inch) 3/4
Device dimension (W × D × H) (mm) 1921x595x354
Size of package (W × D × H) (mm) 1950x650x380
Netto weight (kg) 52
Gross weight (kg) 60
Wireless controller n/a
Wired controller Wired controller WK-010PA-K; LCD controller WK-110PA
Air recirculation (without filtration) _
Air recirculation (with filtration) HF29