Registrator with remote control

This registrator can be connected to commercial, medical or industrial refrigerating equipment.

Due to 3G module, the device registers indicators of temperature and humidity, opens the access to statistics through the internet. In case of emergency, the alarm signal beeps.

There is a special phone application for smartphones users for convenienece of statistics overwiev.


Technical characteristics

Dimension: 133х128х34 mm

Power supply: 12V from batteries or external power supply by 220V

Temperature measurement range: -40 +70 °С

Temperature measurement tolerance: ± 0,5°С (at the temperature 0 +40°С); 1°С (at the temperature -25 +0°С)

Humidity measurement range: 10-90%

Humidity measurement tolerance: up to 5%

Temperature sensor: NTC

Humidity sensor: SHT21

Writing time: 1 min — 24 h

Writing volume: 20 000 writings

Communications: WCDMA (3G)