Repair of cassette air conditioners

Today cassette air conditioners are the most popular in comparison with other types of air conditioners. Due to its compact size, it will fit into any interior. What should you do in case of malfunction of such equipment? Server Service Company is the best solution! High qualified specialists of our company will eliminate any malfunctions of your air inconditioner.

Possible causes of cassette air conditioners malfunction

Incorrect operation is one of the most frequent causes of channel air conditioners malfunction

Incorrect installation leads to high level of air conditioner’s vibration, because of which internal parts are deteriorated more quickly. Accordingly, it needs a repair or installation regardless of the quality of air conditioner.

Voltage drop. In order to avoid voltage drop, it is necessary to install power supply filter.

Drain system clogging. Low quality maintenance service. In case of absence of timely preventive maintenance, air conditioner is clogged. Dirt is a favorable breeding environment for a wide variety of bacteria and microbes. In addition, there are a large quantity of dust accumulation on internal mechanisms of air conditioner, then it spreads in the whole premise with cooled air. That’s why, the maintenance service must be implemented by experienced specialists in order to avoid different problems during operation of air conditioner.

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