Server Service Company performs the repair and maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation systems. We provide both a corrective maintenance and long-term maintenance Specialists of our company will determine the cause of malfunction, replace the broken details and repair your air conditioner in a professional level.

Repair masters of Server Service Company will carry out high quality and inexpensive repair of channel air conditioners, replacement of electric boards, compressors, heat exchangers, fans etc. We also eliminate Freon leakage and carry out the filling of your channel air conditioner.

Channel air conditioners are designed for air conditioning of several premises simulteneously. Moreover, it is designed for the operation in recirculate mode. Indoor units of channel air conditioners are installed behind the hung ceiling and have more simple design. Indoor units have more powerfull fan, allowing to prevent the resistance of air distribution ducts and grids.

For providing of all year round supply of fresh air, it is necessary to install special electric or water heaters. Installation of heaters must be implemented only by experienced specialists. Otherwise, it will lead to the rapid deterioration of equipment and functional loss of conditioning systems.

You can also see error codes of channel air conditioners, going to the page using this link.

Replacement of consumable materials and spare parts during the repair is paid separately. Preventive maintenance is also paid separately. It depends on the work complexity.

Call Server Service Company and our specialists will carry out high quality repair of channel air conditioners at any time convenient for you.