Server Service Company carries out high quality repair of floor and ceiling air conditioners of any manufacturer. Our high qualified engineer’s visit provides the qualitative diagnostics and repair of your climatic equipment. Specialists of our company have all necessary tools for the installation and repair of floor air conditioner, as well as  deep knowledge and experience in the field of repair of floor air conditioner. We eliminate any malfunction.

Ремонт напольно-потолочных кондиционеровThere are the following causes of repair of floor split-system: manufacturing defect, noncompliance with the conditions of transportation, incorrect installation or use etc.

Our company carries out the following types of floor split-systems repair: compressor and Freon replacement, repair of control system of air conditioners and fans of indoor and outdoor units.

Repair process of floor split-systems depends on many factors: capacity and design of air conditioner, repaired detail and much more. All spare parts and details, from which air conditioner consists, our specialists will repair and replace all details withn a short time with a guarantee of quality.

Ordering the repair of floor and ceiling air conditioners in Server Service Company, you will receive a discount system for the further maintenance of your air conditioner.

Our company carries out the repair of floor split-systems in Tashkent, just call us! (98) 128-04-02; (71) 207 33 32