hotpoint aristonHotpoint-Ariston brand was established in 2007. The exterior and quality of Hotpoint refrigerators meet all modern technologies. Many refrigerators of this manufacturer have a high class A of energy consumption.

High quality doesn’t protects the equipment against breakdowns and wear of details. Server Service provides the repair of Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators and other brands in Tashkent.

The most frequent breakages of Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators

Thermal regulator is one of the detail that breaks most often, especially in built-in models. The other most frequent broken components are relay and compressor.

The other problem of Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerator is ice formation in refrigerating or freezing chambers. It usually occurs becuase of clg of capillary pipe or door deformation. Voltage drop also leads to the burnout of protection device of No Frost system. The only the way out of this situation is the protection device replacement.

High quality repair of Hotpoint -Ariston refrigerators

Do you need the repair of Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators? Just call us! We appreciate reliability and high quality.

Repair of Ariston and Hotpoint-Ariston refrigeratrs includes:

  • replacement of compressor and other components;
  • repair of electromechanic control boards and No Frost sytsem;
  • repair of refrigerators equipped with the most modern control system;

Applications for the repair of Ariston and Hotpoint-Ariston refirgerators are accepted by telephone numbers: +998 (71) 207-33-32

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