54591a72 0974 4a4a 9372 38b7a2a379fc largeIndesit refrigerators are very popular among modern consumers. Refrigerators of this brand have a modern design, low electric energy consumption and excellent combination price/quality.

A wide model range of Indesit refrigeratos allows us to select a refrigerator, the design of which fine will blend in the interior of your kitchen.

Repair of Indesit refrigerators is the most freuent services, implemented by our company. This is due to the fact that this brand is very popular. In addition, the service life of Indesit refrigerators is higher in comparison with the refrigerators of other manufacturers.

If you need the repair of Indesit refrigerators, rest assured that after the repair and replacement of he worn details, your refrigerator will serve you for a long time.

The most frequent breakages of Indesit refrigerators

In most cases, when repairing Indesit refrigerators, specialists of our company replace electronic and mechanical sensors. This is doe to the water penetration into electrical parts of refrigerator. The first sign of the breakage of temperature sensors and electronic control boards is the temperature failure.

Generally, the cause of compressor breakage is a natural wear, voltage drop or incorrect operaion of refrigeration unit.

Repair of Indesit refrigerators

Regardless of the cause of breakage, specialists of our service center will eliminate all malfunctions quickly and qualitatively. We also provide a guarantee for all services implemented by our specialists.

We provide services for the repair, installation and maintenance of household, commercial and industrial refrigerating equipment.

The applications are accepted from Monday to Saturday (from 09.00 to 18.00).

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