The main purpose of Server Service Company is to provide a high quality of the equipment maintenance during the diagnostics and repair of climatic equipment. That’s why, the specialists of our company carry out the regular maintenance service and repair of the installed equipment, the main purpose of which is a regular use of air conditioners in summer season or all year round.

Split air conditioning system is a usual air conditioner of split system. The main difference of this system is that it can use several internal units (from 2 to 7 pcs.) connected to the one external. The problem of comfortable conditioning of multiroom apartments or offices is solved with the use of climatic multi split systems.

In such system the external unit can be connected to internal units of different types: channel, cassette, floor or ceiling. But the main advantage of this system is that due to double-pressure internal unit, the internal units installed in different rooms, can operate in autonomous mode: heating, cooling, drying or ventilation.

Specialists of Server Service company carry out repair works for air conditioners of multi split systems. According to statistics, in 70-80 % of cases, our masters eliminate all breakages and mulfunctions of split air conditioning systems, providing a high quality operability of conditioning system at low expenses in comparison with the purchase and installation of new air conditioner.