Ремонт стиральных машинToday it is very difficult to imagine the life a modern person without such home appliance as washing machine. Fortunately, there are many different types and brands of washing machines. So, everyone can select the proper eqipment in accordance with his wishes and requirements.

However, washing machines are broken in the most unexpected moment. Besides, the malfunction mode can be different – from the breakage of minor details to the functional loss of internal mechanisms.

In any case it is necessary to carry out the repair of washing machines. This complex operation must be implemented by professional specialists. Otherwise, you will make the situation worse.

Repair of washing machines in Tashkent

Today, Server Service is one of the leading companies of Uzbekistan, provided the repair of washing machines in Tashkent. Specialists of our company are experts at their job who appreciate the goodwill of the company.

  • Contacting our company, you can be sure that all the services will be implemented in a professional level.  We are also responsible for the quality of all details and all services implemented by our specialists;
  • By the way, if your washing machine is broken during the warranty period, our masters will repair it free of charge;
  • We guarantee affordable prices for all implemented services;
  • We provide the services in Tashkent and Tashkent region;
  • If the repair is implemented by our specialists, the diagnostics is carried out free of charge.

Server Service is a prompt decision of the repair of all types and brands of washing machines. Call us! Our company is always at your services!