Replacement of washing machine’s drum

Server Service Company provides a high quality repair of washing machines in Tashkent and Tashkent region. Our experienced specialists provide services at any place and time convenient for you.

One of the most important details of any washing machines is drum. It performs the washing and spinning functions. It is very important to observe all operation rules as incorrect operation leads to its breakage. Drums are made of stainless steel and strong plastic.

Signs and causes of drum malfunction

One of the signs of drum breakage is the lack of rotation during the washing. Strange noise also signs the drum’s malfunction. Drum malfunction is a rarity but unfortunately it occurs. Generally it occurs because of overloading of washing machine.

The other cause of drum breakage is foreign objects, as people often forget to check their pockets before washing. It leads to the clog of holes designed for water drain.

Specilaists of Server Service have all necessary skills and tools for elimination of malfunction and drum replacement. We carry out our services:

  • with guarantee
  • quickly
  • at competitive price.

Replacement of washing machine’s drum

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