Ventilation air handling units for AURA air-conditioning systems

aura 1AURA air handling units with recirculation of heat are intended for ventilation of objects with increased heat generation, such as offices, banks, conference rooms, disco-clubs, restaurants. The typical range of devices includes 4 sizes, providing an air output range from 400 to 12000 m3/h. They are particularly suitable in rooms in which the supply of air temperature is lower than the room temperature, which eliminates the need for heaters. The temperature is controlled by changing the rotor speed. The device’s specificity is a compact structure and an automation system designed in such a way that it is possible to optimize the energy consumption which is necessary for ventilation and also to ensure a constant air flow, despite the change in the resistance to air flow in the ventilation system over time. In order to expand the range of application of air conditioners having the above-mentioned advantages, channel heat exchangers with connecting pipes of various sizes are foreseen as additional equipment. AURA air conditioners are equipped with an automatic control and power system.

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