Ventilation of apartments

In order to provide the ventilation of apartment, the fans are usually installed in the window, wall or airshaft. Exhaust fans are usually mounted in sanitary convenience, bathroom or kitchen. Air handling units are installed in the rooms.

In winter air flows heat calorifier (device for air heating in winter). Consumption of calorifer heating is about 3-5 kW/h. It depends on outside temprature and fresh air supply.

Input ventilation is included in automatic system, which controls fan and calorifer operation. It also signals about filter clogging. Air handling units and channel air conditioners can also perform the functions of ventilation and conditioning of apartments.

Specialists of our company provide the equipment selection, as well as calculate, install and carry out the maintenance of ventilation systems of apartments and offices. We carry out the calculation system of any complexity – from apartments and clubs to offices. We also provide the services of household and industrial heating systems for humidification, conditioning and eating of the air. Our calculations meet all construction rules and regulations.

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