Heating boilers Navien Ace Turbo are gas wall boilers of a high quality with closed combustionnavien atmo ace 1 chamber.

Navien Ace Turbo have two circuits, one of which performs the function of heating, the other one performs the function of hot water supply.

These boilers have long service life and low gas consumption. They also can run on the natural and condensed gas.

Protection system against freezing

When the temperature in the premise is reduced, protection system against freezing is automatically activated. In case the temperature of hot water is below 10°С, the circulated pump is activated automatically. If the temperature of heating water is reduced below 6°С, the burner is turned on and heat carrier is heated up to 21°С.

Modulated system of turbocharger

Turbocharger’s fan, installed in the boilers NAVIEN Ace TURBO under the combustion chamber, changes the speed of rotation when alarm beeps, supplied from air pressure system. Thus, the combustion chamber of the boiler is provided by air supply equal to amount of gas supplied. This operation system of NAVIEN Ace TURBO boiler provides gas combustion that minimizes heat losses.

As a result, the boiler efficiency is increased and gas consumption consumption is reduced.

Heat exchanger from stainless steel

Heat exchanger from stainles steel has high resistance to corrosion in comparison with copper heat exchangers. It significantly increases its service life.

Heat exchangers from stainless steel are not so popular as copper heat exchangers, as they have lower heat capacity. Such heat exchangers are widely used in NAVIEN Ace TURBO boilers due to modulated system of turbocharging for efficiency improvement.

Safe operation of the boiler at frequent mains voltage fluctations

SMPS chip (Switched-Mode Power Supply), installed on the microprocessor, protects the boiler against mains voltage fluctations within the limit of ±30% from 230V. So, you will get trouble-free operation and avoid malfunctions in case of mains voltage fluctations.

The boiler operates at low gas pressure up to 0,1 bar.