Server Service Company works with medical institutions not for the first time. We have finished the installaion of climatic equipment in the new office of “Shox Med” clinic.

Private multi-field clinic “Shox Med” has provided its medical services for 10 years. New office of this medical center has been recently opened in Mirzo-Ulugbek region. Our company carried out all necessary services for installation of ventilation and conditioning systems in this building.

The development and realization of the project for creation of favourable microclimate in medical clinics require the great experience and responsible approach.

The main purpose of ventilation system is effective cleaning of the premises from bacteriums and unpleasant odor, timely fresh air supply and exhaust air removal, control of sanitary norms of air environment, prevention of static electricity formation.

Specialists of Server Service Company performed a large amount of work.

Based on technological requirements of the building, we designed the proejct of air exchange, selected proper ventilation type, calculated the rate of air exchange in each room, selected the method of cleaning and drew a scheme of fresh air supply.

TICA equipment – chillers with condenser air cooling and floor fancoils of D series were used during the roject realization. Selected chillers function on ozone-safe Freon R 410, equipped with screw compressors Danfoss. Fancoils advantages are compact size and high efficiency.

Specialists of Server Service Company successfully performed all planned works. Now the quility of air meets all necessary standards. It means that multi-field clinic Shox Med can take the first patients.